Hurt Feelings

Can always find expression on paper.  The written word can give more than just solace.  The range of human emotions that can be felt and expressed through writing is limitless.   I think that this is fabulous as long as it does not replace human beings and face to face communication.

We have a system at work whereby clients can “file grievances”.  We also encourage them to communicate directly with the person they file a grievance against.  The grievance is a means by which a witness can be involved in the communication.  Having a witness helps the clients feel safe about voicing their displeasure with a staff member.

Sometimes I wish that families had the option of filing grievances.  How much easier it would be to express hurt feelings with an unbiased coach to make sure that no one gets trampled on.  In the mean time, writing and waiting a day helps alot.

Of course, there is no substitute for face to face communication…

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