I Shouldn’t Be, but I AM!

I am saddened and amazed by people’s (some people) willingness to focus entirely on what they need and what they want.  I think that this is okay, but, BIG but, you must not have any power that concerns any other human being.   I think that if you must be selfish, fine, okay, but just don’t affect other people!

Oh, but I live in America.  Greed, if it is successful, is very definitely okay in America.  I live in the land where the rich get to make all of the rules about taxes and hedge funds and capital gains… People look at me funny when I get upset about greed.  But listen!  I only get upset, if your greed is based upon some one else’s suffering!!  I am all set with greed, it is OKAY!  But really does your retirement fund have to come out of a middle class family’s grocery budget, really, does it?

Leadership is a sacred calling.  Leadership is that virtue that puts a community’s needs in front of individual needs.  Leadership is not for everyone, indeed, true leadership is rare, must it be?

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