We are All an Inch Away from Homelessness



I’ve recently read some statistics that say that anxiety in America is at an all time high of 20%.  Think about that, that is one in five people.

In this country, the poor far outnumber the rich.  To make matters worse, we won’t admit how poor we are, so we deny the reality that lives here in our country.

I think America is so much better off than any other third world country – no question.  It’s just that we don’t admit to our frailty, and our love for the feudalistic system of the Dark Ages.  The rich ravage the poor and own everything worth owning.

Americans pretend that we are all well off.  We are so good at pretending.  Fully half of our retail system is built around the concept of false wealth and looking like you have it, when you don’t.

We pretend we have power, we don’t use.  We pretend we have money we don’t have, we pretend that we are smarter and better, we are not.  We have been sold out by Madison avenue.  Let’s be clear though, we are the ones who bought into this falseness.

The truth is that we are embarrassingly poor and poverty stricken in this country.  We actually don’t realize how much money our society wastes on non-humanitarian endeavors.  We don’t need any more nuclear bombs, but our country has committed itself to continually enriching the one per-centers.  It’s the one per-centers who are bomb makers, and oil company owners.  You and I don’t have that kind of influence and money.

HOWEVER, we want to pretend that we do have that kind of money.  We want to be on the Trump side, because that’s the side of the wealthy.  Ivanka sells bracelets for $10,400.00.  Isn’t THAT the group that we want to be part of?  The heavy hitters who can afford anything?

In the meantime, I struggle to pay for healthcare.  Yes, I have health insurance, yes I have an Health Savings Account, and still, because I am sick, I can barely afford my healthcare.  I have to buy a prescription that is compounded and because it is compounded, my insurance won’t cover it.  My physicians are specialists, so I must always pay the higher rate to see them.  My procedures are always paid at 80%, and any SMALL and SHORT procedure costs us several thousand dollars.

Republicans talk about how Social Security is not enough and Americans should be saving for retirement.  To keep myself working, I have to spend approximately $500.00 to $1,000.00 a month for health care.  I have been spending this much for about five years now.  How do I save money under these circumstances?

It maddens me that at least 30% of this money goes to enrich healthcare executives.  It’s not for healthcare, it’s for profit and for the greed of those one-percenters.  The reason for this is that our Congress in the United States of America, is for sale.  This congress are retiring as millionaires because the healthcare industry has paid them off.  After all Viagra is very, very lucrative.

I don’t understand this.  What I really hate about it is that in other countries, politicians and capitalist executives are likely to admit that they work together.  It’s only in America that we pretend that capitalism is a good thing.  We need to admit that although capitalism has value, it has run amok in America.

Back to anxiety and the prevalence of anxiety in America.  Americans may be in denial, but something inside (intuition) is telling us the truth about capitalism in America.  We are all an inch away from being homeless and America has no safety net for us.

Because our culture believes in “rugged individualism”, most Americans believe that if you don’t work hard and pull yourself up by your boot straps, then there must be something wrong with you.  Because we believe this about ourselves and others, it can be devastating to lose a job.  We believe that this is our own fault.  More devastating still is the idea that we cannot then find another job to replace the lost job.  America is changing rapidly, printers are out of business, paper newspapers are out of business, factories that make records, tapes, and CDs are out of business.  Americans blame it on themselves when they cannot create financial success, even when the entire industry they work in has been demolished by change.

We know, we Americans know that nothing will save us.  There is nothing in America to help people survive.  Churches are trying and don’t make the mark.  Food stamps have always had limited application and now trying to attain them can be a nightmare.   Americans are dying at the rate of 5 per hour because of lack of healthcare, tens of thousands of Americans are homeless and our own children are often at risk of hunger and going to bed without dinner.

We have anxiety.  We know that we are not okay.  We know that we are at extreme risk.  America is brutal unless you are wealthy.  Comfort is difficult to attain, often, it is only the young who have not the left the security of their parents home that feel comfortable and live without anxiety.  The only other source of comfortable is for the wealthy or the ignorant.

Being aware of the brutality of our home country is a source of anxiety for millions of Americans.

We have to find a way to regain our hearts and souls in America.  We must regain a safety net.  If we can’t do it politically, we can do it by stopping blaming ourselves for things that are so much beyond our control.  We can take back America by believing in ourselves and by supporting each other in our best efforts.  We cannot do this by being “rugged individuals”.

We can be more realistic about our beliefs.  People with money are not necessarily smart in any way.  They haven’t done anything better or more meaningful than anyone else in America.  The single difference is money.  Then one must look individually for other differences and put all presumptions aside.  Let’s not give away power and wealth by allowing this country to be managed by the greedy and the cheaters.  Let’s reclaim America.





She Thinks She Knows Everything

Cadence F5E4F86C-76B0-40BD-B991-E01F03088653 AD383B8A-E189-430B-A03E-D4517F497421 67B15615-7638-4D98-934D-F4FDA95C9B90 7CC16644-729A-4F82-A910-B71D640B2D67 A96AD6F8-8EF9-4783-AC44-5FCA02031301 5BE24DC8-DDFC-4471-B933-4EAB0C1E43E4 17E71E81-FFA3-4652-9045-4CE43A0B384D 3678D167-D957-497D-B35A-8BE22E640BD3And why not, she has certainly earned it?  She is not the simpering miss telling people what to do just to prove power.  Instead she is a strong and experienced woman, who does know.  She knows you.

Yes she understands you, and yes, you are even a bit scared of her.  You are scared of the depth of her understanding.  She reminds you of your mother, or perhaps your grandmother.

Maybe she is prettier than you, or smarter than you.  Maybe she is successful and has power.  Perhaps she has more money than you or a handsome husband.

So you hate her and you want to hurt her.  She has done nothing to you, except to be.  You will try very hard to destroy her .  You don’t need evidence that she has committed a crime, All you need is your own fear of her.  You are afraid that she knows you, you are afraid that she is “better”than you, so you will not forgive her.

You will do anything to destroy her and remove her, how dare she be better than you, how dare she be better than a man?

Her name is Hillary Clinton.

We can do better, as women, we will do better.

It’s time, we must take back our power and we will.  We will take back our power by working together, by supporting each other and by believing – in each other.



Women, a New Day

One of those obvious things ~

It never crossed my mind that I would need to explain feminism to my daughters.  After all, I lived a strong and independent life and worked hard for my own accomplishments.

I never told them how lonely it is to fight for women.  I never told them about the personal prices that I had to pay to defend women who were being raped by the current culture.  I never explained to them the reality of how difficult it was for my mother to get a job as a bartender.  My mother was, literally, the first female bartender in a free standing bar in 1968.

The biggest prices that women pay are the economic ones.  After all, if you have money, everything else can be bought.  Women have always, systematically, been kept out of the most lucrative jobs available in America.  This is why it was so important for my mother to get that bartending job; it was the highest paying job in the industry.

At work in the 90s: when I spoke out against a male physician who was denigrating women in our treatment facility, I was marginalized and had to work in a hostile environment.  Ignorantly, I finally resigned and the women who came to the facility for treatment continued to be put down and insulted by the Latin physician who thought shaming was okay.

My daughters were with me when these things happened to me.  I didn’t explain any of it.  I realize that in retrospect, it only meant that mom didn’t like her job anymore.  I must have discussed it; I must have made some words for it.  I didn’t explain it enough.

Being independent was not about getting away from men, it was more about ensuring that I had choices in my life.  I thought I was demonstrating the right life, in spite of a male dominated culture.  It wasn’t that a man beat a woman: it was more that nothing would happen to that man when he beat that woman.  I was fighting the structure of a culture that allowed women to be beat; that kept those women in minimum wage jobs, that made child care impossibly expensive.  When I was young it was actually impossible to get child support.  Fathers of young children roamed free while the mothers were chained to child care and bare minimum wages.  That was my world reality at age 20.  Women stayed in hurtful marriages because the alternative was so much worse.  Add to that, the fact that many women were sexually blackmailed by men more powerful than they.  Landlords would demand sexual favors and no woman without money or family was safe in this environment.

Today, life is much better for women, but not nearly as good as it should be, not nearly equitable.  My daughters are not aware ~ perhaps~ of this long and dark road that women have had to go down in the last millennium (or so).   Trust me on this, it has been a dark road.  When European daughters were being raped by uncles, brothers and fathers, Freud called it penis envy and the whole world believed that hundreds of women were just having sexual fantasies.  Indeed, it has been a dark road for women of all classes.

Today, we are able to articulate so much of what was deprived of us before now.  Now I hear people talking about the “pink tax” and I am so thrilled that it is now “a thing”.  Yes, not only do women make less money than men, but then women must also pay more for everything that they need and purchase.  Dry cleaning a woman’s shirt is 4.99 and a man’s shirt is 1.49.  I am told by the dry cleaner that a woman’s shirt is more difficult to press.  Why?  No answer.

This culture is a structure that many men do not wish to be a part of.  My son is passionate about fairness and would not participate in any of these crimes against women.  But these crimes continue unabated.  Women are still being beaten and murdered by their spouses at an alarming rate.  Incest continues and perpetrators walk about freely with no one the wiser of the crimes.

We still don’t have enough female senators and certainly not enough female CEOs, and those women in power are often there as a function of being co-opted into the male world.

Why would any woman in her right mind, in America, vote for Donald Trump?



In Regards to Hillary Clinton…

Be aware that my master’s degree is in public health and my studies required economics as well as public policy in health care. I was working on my master’s while the Clintons were in office.
I mention this because I am an expert in health care. I understand the micro economics and the macro economics of health care.
The first surprise is that health-care does not respond to supply and demand economic theory. Research has proven this fact many, many times. Secondly, contrary to common belief, the majority of healthcare in this country is paid for with tax dollars. We (the people) have legislated wealthy insurance companies into being. We have pursued economics, rather than health care. What I mean by this, is that in America, health care is chiefly seen as a way to make money, rather than a way to keep people well. In the 1980s and 90s (indeed to this day) Uwe Reinhardt (Princeton) and others were publishing research that demonstrated the inefficiencies of the current health care system. Nothing has changed from this general picture until the current systems in place with “ObamaCare”.
This is what the economists found and is still true: the majority of healthcare is paid for with tax dollars, Medicare and Medicaid. The people in this country who are sick are predominantly, old or poverty stricken. Healthy people are insured by private companies that will only insure healthy people, thus assuring continued profitability. The real cost of health care has never been paid by insurance companies. Insurance companies operate for a profit, again, not to take care of human beings’ health, but rather to put money into wealthy pockets.
So the question is “Is health care a privilege or a right?” Most westernized countries declare that healthcare is a right and that all citizens are entitled to it.
In regards to Hillary’s mistakes that are so numerously mentioned:
I am aware that both Clintons have made many, many errors in their political careers. I do not see very many politicians who aren’t grossly overpaid for very little work.
Here is the difference that I perceive: Bush and the Republican party falsely perpetrated a war on the American people that, in our grief, we fell for because Americans were so hurt by 9/11/01.
People die in wars, lots and lots of people, lots and lots of American sons and daughters die in every single war that America engages in. Once the war was in place, Bush and Cheney then put together private armies and private contracts that profited from American tax dollars in the billions, not millions, but in the billions. They continued to perpetrate this false claim on America for as long as they could keep the money faucet rolling out personal profit and power.
The wealthy politicians (Bush and Cheney, Republicans) did not care about our sons and daughters, indeed, not any of the current Bush family ever had to serve within a thousand miles of combat. The reason they did not serve in combat is not because they were lucky like Jeff Bradham, but because they (rich politicians) made sure that their own sons and daughters were safe.

What I appreciate about the Clintons is that I do not see the horror of war being chased and profited on. I can forgive almost anything, except the killing of our sons and daughters for personal profit. That is unforgivable.


Poverty in the United States, a Commentary

Poverty in the United States is completely unnecessary and contrived.  It is well documented how the elite take gross advantage of the poor.  Of course, this is not an all American way of life, it occurs all over the world.  In America, we pretend otherwise and have made walking all over the poor into an art that goes unrecognized.

Walmart began this practice at least 40 years ago by finding ways to work around labor laws that require employers to care for their employees.  Walmart was the leader of the labor rape movement by keeping employees under 40 hours so that they could avoid providing benefits and by lobbying deeply and profitably against an increase in the minimum wage.  That depression of the minimum wage has been extremely profitable for Walmart shareholders and what better description is there than to say, the wealthy stand on the backs of the poor?

When I speak about the Fightfor15, people are dubious.  They say things like, what about an education?  Or, I worked my whole life for $17.00 an hour!  I just want to cry when I hear, normal, everyday salt of the earth people speaking against a living wage.

It is well documented that no one can live on the minimum wage.  It is also clear that of the 20 million people who still have no health insurance, the majority of them work full time jobs.

Who believes that if they work full time they still should not afford to live and can have no health care?  Who believes that this should be the way of the world?   The truth is no one believes that this is true or right, but folks do not take the time to understand what is truly going on in our culture.  At some point in America we made the decision to worship money and those who can make money.  We even allow the ends to justify the means, if you are wealthy, you must be doing something right.  It is quite the joke on us – America.  The wealthy have only used our culture to trick us into being satisfied with what we have or by punishing ourselves with credit card debt.  Because we are a “responsible” culture we blame it all on our own selves and don’t question the powers that enforce our marginalization and falsely depressed economic state.

Yes, the majority of America is marginalized.  There are the poverty stricken, the marginalized middle class, those who have lost their wealth to cheaters and swindlers.  There are very few who can say they have done well and continue to do well.  Those that have done well are a small number, perhaps afraid and wishing to protect what they have.

Bernie Sanders speaks truly, if not believably.  I am deeply grateful to hear that this conversation is finally becoming national.  Thank you Bernie.



Some Truth for the New Year

Accept yearning in your life, you do NOT have to fulfill every desire.

Everything WILL change, you can’t stop it.

Will this matter in two years?  Study it, look at it, decide it: if it will not matter in two years, save your energy.  Don’t give energy to the unnecessary.

Don’t imagine that anyone is better than you, they are not.  Much of life is luck, you nor they control circumstance.  Some people will have better circumstances, some people will have terrible circumstances.  This is true.

Memories are nice, but they are not now.

Remember that big companies have proven that they do not want to “save you money” and remember that advertising is highly successful because it “makes you think…”  Consequently, beware, if you “buy into” the concepts that Coca Cola is about love and McDonalds is about home and hearth, then you have been fooled and you will buy products that do harm to your body.  The same is true for the “new” big companies including the “Whole Foods Grocery” stores.  It is up to you to take responsibility for researching reality.

Other people’s thoughts and actions are not within your purview, you cannot control other people.  Accept this idea and make decisions from this knowledge.

Doing hurtful things to others is NEVER okay or correct.  Those who do harm must be restrained.


I Talk With Folks Who Want World Peace

And then when we continue the conversation, it turns out they hate their next door neighbor, and yeah, they haven’t forgiven their sister for something she did in 1993.


Legislated Profitability is not Capitalism

The picture on the news yesterday: lots of angry Americans protesting the transportation of South American mothers and children into this country.  The people seemed very angry, shouting, shaking their fists and standing in the hot sun with signs that shrieked “unwelcome here”.

It occurred to me that this anger is completely misplaced.  It is as if the wealthy capitalistic culture of America has convinced the average middle class person in this country that their unfulfilled desires and their shrinking wallets are the fault of tax dollars going to the poor.  That is just not the case!  I wish that knowledge and wisdom could be conveyed to others through the publication of facts… But, our culture buys into the pictures and stories provided to us on TV and on the internet.  Facts are not purveyed with the same fervency as “the story”.

For example:  The average American does not have less because of healthcare provided to the poor, the average American does not have less because of food stamps given to the poverty stricken.  The average American has less in this society because we worship capitalism above all else and thus put profit making before human beings.  Instead of assuring that everyone who needs health care gets health care, we legislate massive wealth to drug production companies by allowing them to charge obscenely marked up drugs to Medicare(taxpayer dollars).  Durable medical equipment is but another, in a long list of ridiculously priced “health care” products that the American public pays for.  The American public pays dearly for these items – not because they are valuable, but because we have allowed our system to become perverted with a goal and end product of profit rather than health for human beings.

This perversion runs rampant in our culture.  Insurance companies have been profitable in America for decades.  When the profitability was threatened by numerous hurricanes, all of those decades of wealth and plenty were forgotten and insurance companies were allowed to close down and leave the state.  After all, if there really were going to be a lot of claims then that would be Florida’s problem – not the grossly profitable insurance industry’s problem.  This is the thinking that has gotten us to where we are today.  Any interruption of profitability is to be plugged up by the government.  Who is the government?  Why, none other than the taxpayers – that is who – you and me.  Instead of understanding our fundamental error, we are attacking the poor, disenfranchised children of the Americas.

I think we should be angry, I just think we are aiming it into the wrong direction.  There are those who want us to believe it is ‘the poor’ who suck from the rest of us and thus make us poorer.  A more accurate picture is that our culture is finally catching up with us.  We forgot that the point of capitalism is for humans to make living better, humans being the key word here.  When capitalism becomes a weapon that is consumed by only a few, then it becomes a poisoned concept.



Some people are just vicious.  Visciousness is an over-riding behavior for them.  In any situation they will turn to viciousness.  If they are happy, they will viciously exclude everyone else.  If they are sad they will viciously lash out at those who made them sad.  No matter what, they have a default behavior of viciousness.  I do not think that is sad, however what is sad is that normal and happy human beings do not “get it”.  Normal human beings are cast into a state of disbelief of the viciousness and because of this, they fail to recognize it and they fail to make corrections.  That is why so many women are brutalized and killed by their boyfriends/male partners/husbands each year.  They fail to recognize, acknowledge and correct for viciousness.

This viciousness is not to be confused with occasional viciousness, which is a whole different thing.  Very good people may sometimes fall prey to very intense feelings and then act viciously.  It is never excusable – by its nature viciousness is unforgivable.  Yet, good people have been known to engage in vicious behavior.  A vicious person is a whole different type of person – and that is where we get confused – we think that it is a mistake, a misinterpretation or an event that will not occur again.  I think that good people, “regular” people should get better at recognizing the former (vicious person) from the latter (good person engaging in a once vicious act).  We must get better at recognizing the difference and ALL of us must get better at this, otherwise, a whole lot of more harm is going to continue to happen to disbelieving and unsuspecting good people.