Your Perspective Controls How You See and Think

While this is a well-regarded fact, we all know that we can only see from our own perspective, but we forget that.  We often forget that others are also limited by their point of view.  Often I hear people speak as if they can see everything; indeed they speak as if they actually know everything.  I often have this insight when I am watching the news on TV. 

The pundits are now telling us that the economy of America is recovering.  The economists and researchers are telling us that 95% of the economic increase (the recovery), is going to the 1% of the population on the very top of the wealth scale.  The conclusion, if you combine all of this information is that, in reality, the economic recovery does not exist for 99% of the population.

I think that this is important information for people to know.  There is an economic recovery, but it is not for YOU.  You do not get to increase your income, or your wealth, because you are not part of the 1%.  It is also important to note that the 1% has a controlling interest in the news media and they will report an economic recovery as if it was real and for everyone.  This misleads millions of Americans who desperately wish for an economic recovery and also anyone who believes in the news reports.

I often think about economic inequality and I wonder how much people realize what is being stolen from us in everyday life.  I think realization is part of perspective as well.  I say this because if you have very good insurance, you are unlikely to scrutinize your hospital bill; however, if you are uninsured and you find that the hospital charged you $250,000.00, you will question them about why they have charged you $36.00 for an aspirin.  Insured or uninsured, $36.00 for an aspirin is “robbery”, so your perception does not change the fact that the hospital over-charges people.

On an important issue such as economic inequality, I wish that regular, everyday people would try to increase their awareness about this – it’s not okay – even if it is not happening to you.

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