Kindrick and Kaiden

August 2013

Too Cute
Too Cute

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Kindrick and Kaiden/ with Momma’s Support

Kindrick & DadFrom June 23rd: Pretty girl is getting close; it’s hard to be away from her.  She started nesting.  Labor is hard on everyone and I expect the usual: stay up all night, push, push, push, exhaustion for all.  There is a curious “high” that comes with ushering new life onto the planet and it is an experience I do not ever wish to miss.  I have Johanna’s solemn promise to not leave Rhea and Kindrick while I travel to Norfolk (not that she would even consider leaving Rhea’s side at all).

Okay, it’s June 27th, what will his birthday be?  My journey and then the expectation and all of the hope of new life coming to be with us.  I can’t wait.  Seeing my children become parents has got to be one of the most satisfying of life’s experiences possible.  I am so lucky and blessed.  Wonderful and soon!

6/30/10  Rhea’s text:  “I’m 1 cm dilated, Kindrick is very active and the doctor said he should come soon.  If he doesn’t though, they will induce me on July 12th.”  11:50am

7/6/10 I sense that we become overwhelmed with expectation and so I draw a line in the sand.  I declare that Kindrick will wait until the weekend.  I make this declaration to give us peace.  I will fly to Virginia on Sunday 7/11 and Rhea will either go into labor or be induced on Monday 7/12/10.  I hope my declaration works.  Johanna and David will be arranging my airplane ticket and I said go and I don’t want to mess this up.  Still, I do not like being away from Rhea, she is hot, she is tired, she is uncomfortable.  I want to comfort her.

I am so excited about being re-united with my daughters.  I can’t wait to hold Jaxsun.  I can’t wait to see and talk to Rick and David.  Soon…

7/7 : Because I need to “save” words:  From Rhea:  “The  doctor said not much has really changed from last week.  I’m not dilated any more.  We scheduled the inducement for Monday July 12th.  So Mom, go ahead and get your ticket for Monday.  He’s not coming til we tell him to:)”

7/10:  Me: Just can’t wait, not much else<3

7/11: Norfolk:  Rhea and I watch late nite TV; Kindrick will be here tomorrow.  The entire universe shifts tomorrow – for all of us who wait.

7/15: A bit late, but Kindrick showed up on 7/13, weighing in at 8 pounds, 2 ounces and 21 inches long.

6/20/11: Kaiden wasn’t late at all, he showed up just as planned…



  1. Nicole says:

    Where’s your Kindrick pictures? Do you need some for your page? I have tons!

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