Tyson Kuhn Again

  • In everyday life, true fights materialize.No championship belts, no grand prize – just the reason you rise and strive to overcome.

    It’s not about what battles you’ve won – it’s what you stand for.

    It’s sacrificing your comfort and carrying on for a cause, it’s for self-satisfaction and not the applause, it’s tearing down walls.

    It’s what you exercise your might for, we all should have something to fight for.

    And my fight matters – does yours?


  1. My fights is for justice and what’s right for the most not just the few. And yeah it’s worth it.

  2. Christina M. Keoppen says:

    This is a long shot but life’s about taking risks. Please contact me via email, if at all possible. I very much respected your work and would like to maintain contact. Thank you.

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