Shining the Silver for Thanksgiving

Shining the Silver for Thanksgiving


Father Daughter Moment 


Too Tiny


Amelia & Cornelius 2011


Emmy & Ally 2011

Rhea & Babies 9-10

Tommy and I

Virgina Family at Christmas ’09

Virginia Family at Christmas ’09

Mother’s Day 2010 with Jaxsun

Florida Family: Cadence Birthday – 2010

Rick and Rhea in front of their new home.

Wild Mustang

A grey day for a Kansas City sky.

An incredible City!

No need to say more.

Thank you Rhea and Rick

Perfect Portrait for Kindrick, always so serious.

Out for the night.

Kaiden says 

Millions of dollars, Rhea and Kaiden.

Kindrick is game for a pic.

Juxtaposition, city old and city period.

I was there! Kansas City.

Bruce was there, Kansas City.

Gothic Architecture

Amazing Architecture

Kindrick, Kaiden and Rhea looking around at the Federal Reserve Bank 

In the 1800s there were no Nickels. 

The fire escape ends, where?

First borns rule! 

Thank you for a great vacation.

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