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It Angers Me

When you make decisions which you are unhappy about.  I think to myself and even to you “Well, then, make a different decision!”  But you do not.  You make the decision and then you tell everyone how much you suffer because of the decision.  I say “Why?”

You make a decision and sometimes it is very bad and then you are upset because the outcome is awful.  Sometimes the outcome does not reveal itself for decades.  I am sorry, I am sorry if you wasted your life.  I am sorry for those decisions that make you so unhappy today.  I cannot regret, it is for you to regret.  You are so unhappy.  Even though your decisions do not affect me, they do.  I love you and when you are sad and angry, I am hurt for you.  I love you.  Make good decisions – or – acquire acceptance.  I don’t know, something.