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Do NOT Help Car Dealerships!

Car dealerships will always put their decals and license plate holders on your new car. They want you, the person they have just made thousands of dollars with, to advertise their dealership for free! WTH, really? Do not do it. If you buy a new car, make the dealership take all of their advertising OFF of your car. You don’t need their name on your car!


I have been crying for 21 hours now and I know that she has been crying for a while longer

Here is the difficulty with love, the agony of separation. The awful, awful feeling of loss, the knowledge that your time is limited. The knowledge that you have become a visitor in the lives of those who you have been with, every single day, for decades. My daughters are beautiful, loving and smart women. Our relationships are often intense and always close. Our mutual feeling of intimacy is our harbor to ride out any storm that the world can throw at us. Four years ago we decided to change everything; change was inevitable, beautiful young women cannot “hang out” with their mother forever.
Honestly, in the last 4 years I have maintained an idea that our separation was temporary. I imagined myself right down the street from my daughters, just as my mother and I lived, close by each other. It seems to be the best way to raise kids; everyone living close by watching over the babies mutually.
Rhea is such an awesome woman to be with. When I am with her, I believe that everything will be taken care of. She has an air of confidence and competence, it just surrounds her. She is always beautiful, she works hard to maintain herself in a very healthy way and it’s awe-inspiring to watch. Now that Rhea has two sons, 11 months apart, she exhibits a lovely vitality that maintains who she is, separate from the kids. Rhea is one of those people that you just want to be around. Rhea is dedicated to her sister Johanna in an unusual way. Nothing on earth separates their love for each other, nothing. They have been horrible to each other, yet it is of no matter to their relationship.
Johanna’s gifts are so very different. You wish to be with Johanna because you will feel loved and completely accepted by her. That is why it is so important to be near her. There is no substitute for feeling loved like that.
All of America wants to say that “Everything happens for a reason.” I am so heartbroken right now, what could be the reason for that?



What I learned in school was that America was founded on the concept of escaping autocratic rule that was unjust.  What I have learned in life is that it is not about autocracy, rather it is more about unceasing greed and the willingness to use wealth as a means to garner more wealth through any possible deed.

I do not think that people escaped to America so much because they were chasing “freedom”.  Instead I believe that people escaped to America in hopes of economic gain.  European aristocracy was so oppressive that the only means for people to have any hope to keep what they earned was to flee and escape.

I am thinking that the world is looking that way again.  Once again, the wealthy are using oppression to control others and keep others from gaining any wealth.

History teaches us, but the world changes; average, everyday people are finding power with each other.  Those who would oppress, chase us into corners rather than to distant shores.


Oh Stop It Really

Do you really need “shops” to browse through and at the end of the day, macaroni and cheese?  It seems like lately… all we talk about is what makes us comfortable and our own comfort food.

I’m guessing that we are a culture that is at the top of Maslow’s hierarchy.  We have conquered hunger, for the most part, and we do not know what to focus on and how to find our actualized self.  But – I am telling you that actualization will NOT be found in macaroni and cheese AND endless discussions about our own comfort.

The world is NOT about us, it just isn’t.  The world has it’s own agenda, we are just part of it.  Our personal comfort does not even make the top 10.

So really… stop.  It’s not about you, your comfort, and really, it is not even about your self actualization.  The world is more…so much more.