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Striving to Be Well is Awesome!

Lies and excuses, not so much.


It Is Unfortunate

for all human beings that a few human beings operate with such greed and avarice.


Thank You Jesus

One more pay day and I do not have to RUSH to the Indian Reservation to buy cheap cigarettes.  How nice!  Every day is a gift.  And today, I am giving myself one – a gift that is.


Transparency is a Great Principle

I believe in the truth.  I have often postulated that secrets are a means for controlling others.  We keep secrets because if others know, they will make decisions which are outside of our control.  Think about it this way: cheating on your partner requires that you lie to your partner.  You know that if your partner learns the truth, your partner may not be your partner any longer.  The only way to keep “control” over the situation is to lie to your partner.

Mahatma Gandhi said “there is no God higher than truth”.  In this new world of electronic banking and FaceBook connection it is becoming more and more difficult to lie.  Mortgage bankers wanted the world to believe that greedy Americans who could not afford houses had tricked them into a worldwide banking and mortgage crisis.  The mortgage bankers tried very hard to convince the world that they were blameless.

Because of the indefatigable memory of a computer, mortgage bankers did not get away with the lie, it was they who profited from the mortgages, it was they who now have millions, indeed billions in their personal checking accounts.  Mortgage brokers were not victimized by greedy Americans; their smear campaign fell victim to the perfect memory of the computer chip.

Propaganda will now fall on deaf ears.  We have been dosed with a healthy bit of cynicism and now, we have the means to find the facts of the situation.

So, like the cheating husband, who got caught via the traffic cameras driving to his mistress’s house, large corporations and big banks will no longer be able to fool the public with sweet lies and propaganda.  We can go online and find out what bank fees really are fair.  Then we make a decision based on real knowledge.  We then tell our friends, who tell their friends.

To me, that transparency equates to sweet freedom.  I now have the ability to make decisions based on the truth, rather than someone else’s fabrication.


Legitimate Suffering

Carl Jung once said that neurosis is always a substitute for legitimate suffering.

The way that I have interpreted this statement is that if I deny my pain and refuse to suffer,  my suffering will maintain inside of me and then become a neurosis.  I do not wish to be neurotic, who would? defines it as –  disorder typified by excessive anxiety or indecision and a degree of social or interpersonal maladjustment.

Part of being aware of who I am at any given point in time is to also be aware of my pain and to have my pain by going ahead and suffering.   Yes, it is important to suffer, crying and yelling and being angry are all expressions of pain and suffering.  Expression helps me to avoid neurosis.  Avoiding suffering is not possible in the human experience, avoiding neurosis is.  Suffering and pain comes and goes, neurosis sticks, unless and until you are willing to suffer.

So…for me (anyway) crying and fussing is a lot better than being maladjusted, eeww!



Things are just a mess.  You cannot control everything, you do not know if things will turn out the way that you wish for them to.  You can only have faith, you cannot do anything else.  What else can you do?  You have no choice, all there is, is faith.



Please stop asking me to change in anticipation of something that you believe may happen.  I do not know how to change for something that has not occurred yet, do you?  It is hard enough for me to practice being here now…