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While it is Wonderful to Believe in Goodness, it is not so Wonderful to be Gullible

We want very badly to believe what our loved ones tell us.  We want to believe what people tell us.  It helps us to feel safe when we believe in others.  We can walk out into the world and the world will treat us well.  We can be vulnerable with our family and our family will protect us and keep us well.

It is good and right to believe and feel this way.  We must also trust ourselves above all others.  Our instincts will always tell us the truth.  Our instincts live in a deeper place inside us than our desires or wishes do.  Our instincts tell us the truth without fail.  If we use our instinct to guide us through doubt, we will not be gullible and we can still believe in the goodness of the world.


Martha Beck wrote in Oprah…

I want you to oust your internal critics, the ones who say you’re not good enough, who think you’re on the wrong track.  I want you to be supervised, all day every day, by people who forgive your errors and believe in your destiny.”

Yes, surround you with unconditional love and acceptance.  Why not?


I Used My Intellect

To be right.  And just as embarrasingly I have used my hobbies to claim immortality.  I have been justifying my need to collect coins because I believe that in 100 years our world will be bereft of computers and back to concrete things, like coins.  I thought that if I collected enough coins my descendants would make me immortal with their gratefulness.  My coins would save my descendants from certain starvation and they would love and revere me.  Ridiculous.  Just like using my intellect to overpower an opponent in an argument, so that I could be right.  Being right is a fool’s game.  You have to make someone be wrong, in order to be right.  How is THAT a GOOD thing?  How would my towering intellect grinding someone to dust, ever be a GOOD thing?

I started this journey more than four years ago.  My goals included understanding a ‘real’ reality.  I think I am getting there.  It is painful, definitely that…


There are Four Things I want You to Try:

  1. Kindness – kindness ALWAYS works to resolve any problem, use it; it makes conflict resolution so much easier.

  2. Direction B4 Correction – don’t chastise people for doing something wrong when they don’t know HOW to do it right.

  3. Resolve – good, bad or indifferent, come up with a resolution, don’t leave it “up in the air” for later interpretation.

  4. My mother used to say “there is nothing new under the sun”.  It’s true; talk with someone before you come up with a solution, someone else has solved the very same problem many times over.


I Was Appalling Ignorant of Your Thought Process and I am Sorry