Single Mother Cries

The hungry wolves feed on the young of the single mother.  She is blamed for everything, she can never do enough or be enough for her young – and it is for one simple reason – she is not a man.  In the hungry and predatory world the single mother works and works, thinking that with money she can make choices for her self and for her children.  What she does not know is that the hungry often wait for her to leave her brood so that they can feed on the innocence of those who are left alone.

Single mother is desperate and tries all that she can think of to make the right life for her young, but no matter what, she can never get there, one alone cannot, does not and never will be able to do all that two can do in synergistic energy.

What can the single mother hope for, what can she count on?  Will she ever stop being blamed?  Will society ever help her by protecting her young?  Will she ever reach economic freedom?  Is she doomed to blame and pain?

Her child is 4 and he cries and cries when separated from her, she says “Mommy must go to work”.  And then, still, her child is 38 and says to her “why did you leave me alone?”

Single mother cries.

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